Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Labor Day Trip 2011

School started this past week and we are both happy with classes and teachers.  It should be a good semester. Jason's dad is getting remarried this weekend so we are taking a trip to Atlanta.  We arrived late Thursday night and had an early Friday morning.  They got married in the Atlanta Temple and it was nice re hear the blessings the temple gives us as married couples.  It was very hot.  We went to this very nice place for lunch called the Canoe.  We both had a gourmet burger and fries and a brownie with real mint ice cream. The ice cream was green, it was pretty cool.  If you got up from the table in any way the waiter folded our napkins.  It was very cool. That night went well, the reception was pretty and was in a very small music hall.'s

Coca Cola Musuem

Georgia Aquarium

The view in the tunnel at the aquarium
Saturday morning we went to breakfast at Ihop with Jason's aunts and uncles and drove up to downtown Atlanta.  We went to the Coca Cola Museum and the Aquarium there.  It was a pretty cool tour. We got to see how Coke was bottled, made and a cool 4D movie about the missing ingredient for Coke to taste good. Then there is a room that you get to taste all the different coke products from countries.  You get to take a 12oz home with you too.  Also, the aquarium was very cool.  I got to see sharks get fed, huge tanks overhead as you walk through.  The animals were very fun to look at see.  We then went to varsity to eat dinner, it is a famous burger joint.   It was a fun weekend and a good time to be with family.

Titans Game

On August 27th, 2011 we went to the Tennessee Titans preseason game. We found some tickets for a pretty good price and had a great time.  They played the Chicago Bears and we won by one point. It was such a fun date night.  We were excited to go since we have never been to an NFL game before.  Luckily, we have the Tennessee Titans for that.  Unfortunately, this is the only game we could go to since the rest are on Sundays. :(  

We had this little girl that shouted the whole time sit next to us, she cheered "Go Titans Go."  It was cute.  We have this mascot T-Rac, he is a raccoon.  It was a good game and we had a blast