Sunday, September 30, 2012

Baseball and Free Musuem Day

We have found some fun things to do in our new place. Jason and I found some cheap tickets to the Washington Nationals baseball game.  The Nationals recently made it to the Playoffs.  Monday September 24th we rode the metro to the Nationals game.  It was a lot of fun.  As we walked in there are big headed mascots that were dressed up as the former Presidents of the United States.  George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.  It was funny, they had them do a race in middle of an inning.  The Nationals won the game we went to 12-2.  It was neat to be able to see the capital from my seat and I believe we saw two helicopters coming from the White House. 

Another thing we found fun to do was Free Museum Day. Thanks to my friend Whitney for posting in her blog about it.  We got free tickets to a museum that normally $21.95 a ticket.  We went to see the museum called the Newsuem.  It is about the history of the news. It was really neat.  There is a room of newspapers from years back.  Jason and I saw a newspaper announcing the murder of Joseph Smith. It was pretty neat to see the first newspaper of that time period.  Also, there was a section honoring those that were in the towers of 9/11.  They had an antenna that as on top of the towers that fell.  It was crazy how much the metal turned and such.  It was very touching to see all the artifacts they had from 9/11. It was crazy to think that people's cell phones kept ringing for days after the attacks. Many family members still calling to try and get a hold of their loved ones.  It was very moving.  I am grateful for the knowledge of eternal families. 

I am excited to see all the neat and free things the D.C area has to offer while we live here.    

George Washington Big Head Mascot

Washington Nationals Ball Park Sign

View from our seats

Presidential Race

Run Mr. President Run

Newspaper we found at the Newsuem

Antenna that was on top of the World Trade Center Towers during 9/11

It's always an adventure when we move

It seems like every time we move, it is always an exciting adventure. We woke up early on Monday September 17th and got ready and went to pick up the U-haul.  It was raining all day, off and on heavy showers and then random down pours.  Jason and I began packing our U-haul and then some of the men from our church showed up to help.  One of the men from our ward really should be a pro packer/mover because he knew where to place everything so it all fit nice and snug. We were able to pack everything in about two hours.  Unfortunately we were not done.  We are moving in two phases:  Moved out of our apartment to a U-Haul and then had to go to a depot where our pod was and had to pack that to be shipped to Virginia.  

As I said, it was raining all day, so by this time Jason and I were wet from the rain.  Since it was raining as we packed our pod we got really soaked.  There was no place to really put out our things to organize it. So, we slowly packed the pod and moved things between the pod and the truck.  As we were packing the pod Jason's knee popped and he was in pain. Luckily, nothing serious happened.  Jason powered through it and after a few hours we were done packing our pod and headed back to our apartment in Murfreesboro to get passed off for the cleaning check.   We both  have cars so we drove our cars which had things in it to a hotel we had for the night and began our drive to Virginia Tuesday morning.We followed each other as we drove for six hours the first night to Roanke, Va and spent the night in a hotel there.  Wednesday Sept 19th we arrived in Fairfax, VA and unpacked our cars and signed our lease.  Jason's uncle and aunt live close by so we stayed there for a few days till our furniture and things came that Friday.  

Friday Morning we went to pick up a U-haul and unpacked our pod at the depot.  Jason's Uncle and aunt helped us unpack the pod and then helped us move into our apartment. Our new place is on the 3rd floor and is a pretty nice apartment.  After walking up and down the stairs many of times I was out of breath.  This new place is going to whip me into shape.  Jason was under the weather so he almost passed out on me.  It was a little scary for a bit.  Our couch was a pain, it took lots of effort to get it into the door. Our entrance has a little turn that is weird but luckily Jason's Uncle knew how to get around it and get the couch in.  

We are excited about the new place.  There is a Cafe Rio across the street!!! I have not had Cafe Rio in Tennessee so I only get it once a year when we go to Utah for Christmas.  there is also a grocery store, 7-11, Ross, Marshalls and other stores across the street too.  Jason's mom and brothers came to help us unpack and helped us get a table, coffee table, dresser and a desk.    It will be nice to be closer to family.  As we unpacked the table it was all scratched up so we had to go get a new one. It is always an adventure. 

Pictures will be coming soon.  The home is put together but not quite enough to post final pictures of what it looks like.   We are getting settled into the new place and love the area and our new ward.  There very nice.  I had a few job interviews so we will hope to hear back from them soon.  Jason starts work on October 1st.  He will be taking the bus to the metro and the metro stops right by his work.  It will be a good thing. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

We got the Job and are moving!!!!

I just want to start out by thanking everyone for all the prayers on our behalf.  They were felt and greatly appreciated.  As most of you know Jason has been looking for a more permanent job for many months now.  We both graduated in May and were ready to move on to see what the future held for us.  After many phone interviews and a few in person  interviews and a few rejections....we finally got the call we were hoping to hear from.  We went to Arlington, Virginia for what we thought was a job offer for the Arlington County Human Resources Compensation Analyst position, but it ended up being a more in depth in person interview.  They told Jason that they would let him know their final decision in a week. 

We were both a little distraught but we went apartment hunting just in case it worked out.  We found many we liked and decided we wanted to live more in the suburbs. The cities down there are a little faster paced than we are used to. On August 29th Jason got a phone call saying they wanted to offer him the job.  He called me and I was in shock, and I said that we should say YES!!!! So, we did and feeling very blessed by our Heavenly Father. He really does listen to our prayers and loves each one of his children.  Many times answers do not come right away but they will come in God's timing. 

Unfortunately the apartment we really liked had bad reviews.  So we found another one and Jason's mom went to check it out and said it was nice. So, we put in an application and they are saving it for us.  We will be moving out of our apartment here in Murfreesboro, TN on Sept 17th.  We started packing and I am having mixed emotions. I am excited to see what the future holds but Murfreesboro has been a good place for us and it will be hard to leave but with faith I am moving forward.  We are packing up a U-haul and taking it to a depot in Nashville where we will be packing a pod that the company will ship for us.  Jason and I will drive separately but following each other in our cars to Virginia and do the same thing there.

This should be a fun adventure.  It will be an experience but I am so grateful that we have a full time job and will be closer to family.  Thanks again for all your prayers and kind words.