Monday, November 10, 2014

Surgery Day

Me on Surgery Day, I represented the Y.
This all started with me having random sharp pain in July and getting checked out. I had two ultrasounds which confirmed I had a cyst that was growing to 3.5 cm and a polyp in my uterus.  The obgyn thinks it could be part of the reason we are not able to get pregnant.  All the other tests ran normal.  Before the Nashville trip we thought the surgery was on November 12th.  As we were leaving for our Nashville trip we learned that they moved up the surgery on Nov 5th which is three days after our trip.  I had to turn around things and get work off.  I was very scared, this is my first surgery.  I woke up and had to be at the Faifax Hospital at 10:30am.  We valet parked the car which was new but the hospital was so busy there were no parking spots. I wore BYU clothes to the surgery to represent the cougars.

We checked in and I tried to stay calm in the waiting room.  I was called back and changed into the beautiful gown.  They gave me an Iv which made me nervous.  I am not a needle person.  Instead of breathing out I held my breath and there was splashback.  The nurse that was going to inject me kept dosing off so it made me nervous.  Luckily, her supervisor came in and found another vein and it was in my wrist.  It hurt a little and my arm became numb.  I was able to be reunited with Jason and life was better.  The anesthesiologist was a great kind man.  Nurses were so kind and helped me calm down a little bit.  Once they put in the anesthesia into my Iv and rolled me away.  I was kinda in and out of and all I remember is being wheeled into an operating room and staring at the ceiling and them telling me I was doing a good job.  The nurse held my hand till I fell asleep.  The next thing I remember is waking up in a room with a nurse I had not seen before.  I looked at the clock at it was 3:15. I had been in surgery for 2 hours.  The nurse gave me some pain medicine in applesauce.  Jason came in a little bit later and I was so glad to see him.  I was given ginger ale and teddy grahams and ritz crackers.  They would not let me leave till I went to the bathroom.  They had me get dressed and moved me to a chair and out of the bed.  They sent Jason to get the car and someone wheeled me out to the car.  I am so grateful for the prayers and the kind words and the food that was sent our way.  I am so blessed that the Lord watched over me while in surgery. Surgery went well and hopefully this helps us become parents. 

I am recovering at home and slowly able to walk, long walks take alot out of me but I am doing better.

Nashville trip and BYU Football game

October 30th we went to work for a half a day and I went to pick up Jason from work to go to the Reagan National Airport to fly to Nashville that night. We are excited to see old friends and be back in our old stomping grounds. The BYU football team is playing MTSU  (which we graduated from there) so it should be a good game. Of course the weekend we came it decided to be freezing cold and have a freeze warning.  We arrived and got a rental car and it was a cute blue Nissan.  We stayed at the Sleep Inn in Murfreesboro, TN and it was nice. 

Friday Halloween we went to visit with old professors of Jason's.  It was nice to catch up and see the changes that MTSU campus has made.  It was freezing cold that day and was sprinkling off and on. Friday evening we attended a fireside that the BYU football team put on at Central Middle school auditorium. It was a neat experience, we even made some of the pictures on the BYU facebook page which was funny.  It was a nice night and neat to see how the football team is in person. 

Saturday was game day. Lets go BYU.  I have to admit we were a little torn but stayed true to BYU.  It was another cold day. We got up and had lunch at White Castle burgers. It was so yummy.  We missed them since we do not have one out here in Virginia.  Some other person missed them to because he lives in Georgia and bought $126 worth of burgers to take back home.   We got to campus early and went to the BYU tailgating party and froze a bit.  It was fun to see all the BYU fans.  At the game we saw our dear friends the Gilday's. It was fun to catch up at half time.  BYU was winning and we were happy.  It was a cold game to cheer at but we stayed till the end. It was alot fun.  That evening we went to eat at a restaurant called Cheddars. It was so good.  

Sunday we got up and checked out of the hotel and went to church with our old ward and caught up with a few people.  That afternoon we drove up to Nashville and visited with Jason's old boss. It was nice to see everyone was doing well.  We checked into our hotel in Nashville for the night and went to dinner with some old classmates of Jason's. Matt and Lauralee were so fun to catch up with. We went to a great Mexican restaurant, so good. It was fun for me to use my Spanish again.  We filled up the car to get gas for the next morning since we had to leave for the airport at 4am. As we were coming back to the hotel, we got pulled over by the police.  We got pulled over because the car lights were not on but the ones in the dashboard were on.  It was a weird car.  

Monday morning we headed to the airport and flew back home. It was a nice trip and the airplane was not full so we were able to have a row to ourselves. I sat by the window and Jason had the aisle. We held hands and had a great flight home. We were able to get our luggage fast and get to the car quickly.  I dropped Jason off at work and went home to unpack, do laundry and go to my doctor appointment.  I found out a few days prior to the trip that I was having surgery two days after we got home from vacation.  


Johnny Red Floyd Stadium (BYU team in white)

BYU buses

Signage on campus

BYU Jamberry nails