Sunday, October 3, 2010

Our adventures in Tennessee

We headed out  Murfreesboro, TN on August 3rd, 2010 with a very packed car full of almost everything we own.  We shipped my car on a big semi truck and was told it was to get there in a week or so. We got a call on day 2 from the driver of the semi saying that he needed us to be there the next day by 2pm.  We were not planning on being there till the day after but we drove and on our way we got caught in this crazy rain storm.  Luckily, we made it safe and our truck driver was three hours late because his truck bottomed out.  So, he had to unload the cars and reload them. We went to get the key to our new apartment and move in!!! As we moved in a huge thunderstorm happened and it rained like crazy and to top it off we had a power outage happen.  It was an adventure.  We spent the night at a coworkers parents house out here in TN and went shopping for furniture for our new place.  We found a couch at a thrift store on sale for $30.  It is a blue couch in really good shape.  We rented a home depot truck and drove it to the place and as we loaded up the truck it started to down pour.  It was a scary adventure to go pick up our couch.  We have started school and work and things are going well.  Jason works as a tutor for the football team and I am in charge of 12 kids for an after school program.  We are loving Tennessee and are looking forward to the many more adventures involved.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Our Wedding Day

We got married on July  21,2010 at the Salt Lake City Temple.  It was a beautiful day with our families and friends.  During picture time on the stairs the Lord blessed us with cloud cover so we could be less hot.  The day was so perfect.  Where we had our luncheon they were told power was going off that morning but they came on hours before we had lunch.  We had time to rest and had our beautiful reception at a retirement center that Jason's uncle owns.  It had beautiful chandeliers and all decorated for us. We had a beautiful cake, ring ceremony and many people come to help us celebrate our special day.  Thanks to all who made it a special day and for all your love.  We went to Las Vegas and Southern California for our honeymoon.  It was cold weather so we walked on the beach, Disneyland and Santa Monica (where our car died on us).  It was an adventure. We made it home safe and had a lovely time spending time with each other.  


After a long wait for the engagement ring it finally happened on June 11,2010. We had to wait a while because Cristina has a really small ring finger, so it had to be special ordered. The ring guy called Jason at 2pm on that Friday and Jason conveniently told Cristina he had errands to run before they meet up for their date that day.
That night, we went to eat at Panda Express and went bowling on BYU's campus. It was raining and Jason kept saying it needs to quit. Jason told me he had a gift for me in the car, which was a red rose. Than he said he had question for me and I started to panic, but he, ONLY, asked how he got so lucky to get me.
Then we walked around campus to all our favorite spots that had a special meaning to us. He kept dropping little hints about the engagement but I didn't pick up on them too well. He got down on his knee by one of our buildings and I began to panic again but he popped right back up. Finally, we walked over to the victory bell at Marriott Center, BYU's basketball arena. We had our first date there and Jason began saying he wanted to make us forever and this is where it all started so why not continue it, and all of a sudden he was on his knee and was holding a box with a really gorgeous ring in it and asked me to marry him. I started to cry a little and was in shock and gave him a huge hug and said yes, of course I will. I was shaking and we both had a huge smile on our faces. He then slide this really pretty ring on my finger. It is finally official!

How we got to where we are at

It all started when Jason and Cristina decided to hang out and watch a Utah Jazz game one Friday night. The date was January 8th. Though they had been working together at BYU for over a year, they had never really hung out socially. Even though they were both sitting on the same couch, they couldn't have been sitting farther apart. Cristina was even seen hugging tightly to the arm of the couch. It turned out the Jazz lost to the Memphis Grizzlies that night, but it was the start of a winning combination for Jason and Cristina.

Basketball continued to be a significant part of Jason and Cristina's lives. They held hands the next week while watching a BYU basketball game. Jason bought tickets to a Jazz game the same weekend after the first game they watched together, planning on it being their first date, but by the time the game came, they had been together almost every night for weeks. (the Jazz won that game!)

The two kept spending more and more time together, and fell deeper and deeper in love, and yes, they did things together that didn't involve sports, including a snowball fight that ended with Cristina throwing a snowball so amazingly well that it caused Jason's head to snap back and hit a concrete pole. (Even after that, he still knew he was crazy for her) :-) Throughout the months, they decided that they were both ready to take the big leap, and knew they needed to get married.

Jason graduated with a degree in Psychology from BYU in April, which meant that Cristina got to meet his family as well. He was also accepted into a Master's program at Middle Tennessee State University, and Cristina applied to the program and got in and transferred.  Jason and Cristina got sealed for time and eternity in thrae Salt Lake City L.D.S. Temple on July 21, 2010!