Sunday, October 3, 2010

Our adventures in Tennessee

We headed out  Murfreesboro, TN on August 3rd, 2010 with a very packed car full of almost everything we own.  We shipped my car on a big semi truck and was told it was to get there in a week or so. We got a call on day 2 from the driver of the semi saying that he needed us to be there the next day by 2pm.  We were not planning on being there till the day after but we drove and on our way we got caught in this crazy rain storm.  Luckily, we made it safe and our truck driver was three hours late because his truck bottomed out.  So, he had to unload the cars and reload them. We went to get the key to our new apartment and move in!!! As we moved in a huge thunderstorm happened and it rained like crazy and to top it off we had a power outage happen.  It was an adventure.  We spent the night at a coworkers parents house out here in TN and went shopping for furniture for our new place.  We found a couch at a thrift store on sale for $30.  It is a blue couch in really good shape.  We rented a home depot truck and drove it to the place and as we loaded up the truck it started to down pour.  It was a scary adventure to go pick up our couch.  We have started school and work and things are going well.  Jason works as a tutor for the football team and I am in charge of 12 kids for an after school program.  We are loving Tennessee and are looking forward to the many more adventures involved.

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