Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Our Wedding Day

We got married on July  21,2010 at the Salt Lake City Temple.  It was a beautiful day with our families and friends.  During picture time on the stairs the Lord blessed us with cloud cover so we could be less hot.  The day was so perfect.  Where we had our luncheon they were told power was going off that morning but they came on hours before we had lunch.  We had time to rest and had our beautiful reception at a retirement center that Jason's uncle owns.  It had beautiful chandeliers and all decorated for us. We had a beautiful cake, ring ceremony and many people come to help us celebrate our special day.  Thanks to all who made it a special day and for all your love.  We went to Las Vegas and Southern California for our honeymoon.  It was cold weather so we walked on the beach, Disneyland and Santa Monica (where our car died on us).  It was an adventure. We made it home safe and had a lovely time spending time with each other.  


  1. Your wedding pictures are absolutely beautiful. Congrats, again, a little later.

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