Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How we got to where we are at

It all started when Jason and Cristina decided to hang out and watch a Utah Jazz game one Friday night. The date was January 8th. Though they had been working together at BYU for over a year, they had never really hung out socially. Even though they were both sitting on the same couch, they couldn't have been sitting farther apart. Cristina was even seen hugging tightly to the arm of the couch. It turned out the Jazz lost to the Memphis Grizzlies that night, but it was the start of a winning combination for Jason and Cristina.

Basketball continued to be a significant part of Jason and Cristina's lives. They held hands the next week while watching a BYU basketball game. Jason bought tickets to a Jazz game the same weekend after the first game they watched together, planning on it being their first date, but by the time the game came, they had been together almost every night for weeks. (the Jazz won that game!)

The two kept spending more and more time together, and fell deeper and deeper in love, and yes, they did things together that didn't involve sports, including a snowball fight that ended with Cristina throwing a snowball so amazingly well that it caused Jason's head to snap back and hit a concrete pole. (Even after that, he still knew he was crazy for her) :-) Throughout the months, they decided that they were both ready to take the big leap, and knew they needed to get married.

Jason graduated with a degree in Psychology from BYU in April, which meant that Cristina got to meet his family as well. He was also accepted into a Master's program at Middle Tennessee State University, and Cristina applied to the program and got in and transferred.  Jason and Cristina got sealed for time and eternity in thrae Salt Lake City L.D.S. Temple on July 21, 2010!

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