Tuesday, August 24, 2010


After a long wait for the engagement ring it finally happened on June 11,2010. We had to wait a while because Cristina has a really small ring finger, so it had to be special ordered. The ring guy called Jason at 2pm on that Friday and Jason conveniently told Cristina he had errands to run before they meet up for their date that day.
That night, we went to eat at Panda Express and went bowling on BYU's campus. It was raining and Jason kept saying it needs to quit. Jason told me he had a gift for me in the car, which was a red rose. Than he said he had question for me and I started to panic, but he, ONLY, asked how he got so lucky to get me.
Then we walked around campus to all our favorite spots that had a special meaning to us. He kept dropping little hints about the engagement but I didn't pick up on them too well. He got down on his knee by one of our buildings and I began to panic again but he popped right back up. Finally, we walked over to the victory bell at Marriott Center, BYU's basketball arena. We had our first date there and Jason began saying he wanted to make us forever and this is where it all started so why not continue it, and all of a sudden he was on his knee and was holding a box with a really gorgeous ring in it and asked me to marry him. I started to cry a little and was in shock and gave him a huge hug and said yes, of course I will. I was shaking and we both had a huge smile on our faces. He then slide this really pretty ring on my finger. It is finally official!

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