Friday, September 25, 2015

Surgery #3

On September 9th at 11:30 in the morning I went into my third surgery.  As some of you know we have had fertility problems and we found out last November I had a cyst that was causing a lot of pain, so we drained it in surgery.  In May we removed a cyst (borderline tumor) on my left ovary and this September surgery we made the decision to removed the left ovary and Fallopian tube. The doctor said that I was in the group that could have a borderline tumor return and it could be cancerous.  After much prayer and many tears we made the decision to go ahead with the surgery. Luckily, my chances of having a baby has not changed. 

I was a little nervous but have been through surgery before. Sadly my veins did not come so they had to put the IV in my wrist which hurt.  Good news was I was able to swallow 6 pills, which I am not the best at swallowing pills. While getting all set up in the surgery room, my OBGYN came in to say hi to me. It was very sweet.  I woke up in recovery and was very sore and left a few hours later.  I got  home and had a little snack and rested on the couch.  I was shocked to see that I had five openings in my stomach but I forgot about the biopsies as well.   Jason was very sweet and took great care of me.  It was rough waking up every four hours with either pain or needing to use the bathroom. I felt bad waking Jason up every 4 hours to help me out of bed. 

It has been two weeks since the surgery and I am doing alright. Day 2 I noticed I had some numbness in my left leg.  Apparently they can accidently hit a nerve while taking out a lymphnode so that is what happened. They said it would come back and thank goodness it has come back for the most part.  I am moving around a little better and able to drive small distances but I am sore at times and get tired easily.  I can't quite hold heavy things yet but I will work up to it and buildup endurance. 

We had my post op doctor visit yesterday and I am so glad we decide to remove the ovary and tube.  The doctor was glad also because in the 3 months between surgeries the borderline tumor had grown a little bit so I was in the group that it would of grown back.  Hopefully this is the last surgery and we can start a family.  I am feeling very grateful for doctors and modern medicine.  I have a few friends that are suffering from cancer right now and they are in my prayers and thoughts.  The Lord is in charge of our lives and he knows what we need but at times it seems very unfair.  I know that he loves us all and we are all strong and will get through the things that are put in our lives.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Driving my mom cross country

As some of you know my mom hit her head last February and had a bad concussion. She sold her home and moved to Minnesota for a year and stayed with her sister. On July 25th I flew out to Minnesota to drive my mom home. We were able to have a mini reunion with some family on Sunday and early Monday morning we left for Kansas. At the last moment we learned that my mom could not go above 5000 ft because her eye has a nitrogen bubble and she could go blind. So, luckily Jason helped me find a route that would make us go through Kansas, TX, NM, AZ, and eventually Utah. We drove 8 hours plus each day. they were long drives but we finally got mom home. I was glad to be back in Texas because it is where I served an LDS mission for my church for a year and half. It was nice to eat barbecue from Rudys.  So good.  We did a lot of praying because there was a part of Utah that was above the elevation mom could go. The Lord gave us a miracle and all was alright with her.

Friday July 31st we arrived to my sisters home. Sadly, the night before we got news that my dad was on life support and a little bit after we arrived my dad passed away.  It was bitter sweet. Don't get me wrong, I love my dad but in the past he has done some things that were hard to forgive him for but I have forgiven him. He was a great dad for a lot of my childhood and he was a great father to my brothers and sister. My mom and sister and I got our nails done and we got my sister a ticket to go out and be with my brothers for a few days while they all grieved.  Jason was supposed to fly out Thursday night but his plane got delayed so he went back home to try it again on Friday. Luckily all went well and he got in Friday night at midnight. He drove a rental car so he was exhausted.  We woke up at 5am for some reason and we went to kneaders for breakfast. Gabby had taken off for Atlanta that morning. Jason and I went to Provo to get our BYU football shirts, eat In n Out, and to buy knee length shorts for work.  Saturday we ordered pizza and went and saw Mission Impossible. It was pretty good.  Sunday we went to church with my brother in law and hung out with Jason's aunt and uncles in Utah. Monday we saw a friend that we used to work with at BYU and her sweet baby. It was good to see friends again and be back in Utah for a short time.  It was fun to meet my sisters dog Augie, he is so cute.

I am sorry if we did not see everyone but we will be back in December for ten days and would love to see many of you.  We went to cracker barrel Monday night and Jason and I drove to the airport. We drove by our home in Sandy and looked at dowtown Salt Lake city. A lot has changed. We flew out on the red eye and I struggled to sleep. Some poor little girl woke up from her nap and cried a lot and I could not get comfortable. We flew to Orlando and had a lay over for 3 hours. As we got to DC our luggage never appeared on the luggage belt. They told us they lost it and so we got a credit and when they found it they would bring it to us. So, we left and about a half hour later they called and said the luggage was on the plane.  They brought it to us five hours later and Jason had to turn back around and go on a work trip that night.  
Mom and me and Patsy


Me, and my crazy cousins

Ice cream soda, so good

Mom and the Utah sign

Me and the Utah sign

NYC Anniversary Trip and Fourth of July

We decided that since we have reached being married five years that we wanted to take a nice vacation. Since we both had July 3rd off we took a Peter Pan bus that morning to NYC. We left at 7am and had a pretty uneventful trip till a passenger went up to the bus driver and said there was smoke coming from the back.  The bus was about 20 minutes from NYC and a belt had broken was smoking. We all got off the bus and waiting on the side of the road for the another bus to come take us to the depot. Many stopped but could not take us. We waited for a good 30 minutes and got to the depot and headed out to drop off our luggage at a place that holds it for a bit. For lunch we had White Castles which were so good. Day 1- we walked around Times Square, Madison Square, the love sign, Rockfeller center, etc. Later we checked into the hotel and I had to get some blister protectors for my feet. We meet a dear friend that I had at BYU named Ashley. It had been five years since I saw her. Central park was a fun place to find her at and we walked to the Manhattan LDS temple and Lincoln Center. Later we went to the NY  Yankee's stadium and to our surprise the Mormon Tabernacle Choir was singing the National anthem.  It was so nice to hear them. Jason and I were so exhausted that we didn't make it to the end of the game. The game went into 12 innings and they came out with the win.  

It was so fun to ride the subway, it was a little overwhelming but by the end of the trip I think I finally figured it out.  Day 2 which was the 4th of July we woke up and had a egg bagel sandwich. It was so good. There was not much open that morning. After breakfast we went to the 9/11 memorial and pay respect to all those that were killed that day. It was beautiful place to be. That afternoon we went on a cruise ride out to the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and back to battery park. The ride out to the statue was making me a little sick because the water was choppy and we were inside the boat. The ride to Ellis island was better because we were on the top and could see all the views. We got tickets to go to the pedestal of the statue of liberty- it was a lot of stairs to walk up and since we walked everywhere the day before my legs kept tightening on me.   It was a great view and experience. I encourage all to go do it. Sadly, by our hotel since we stayed in the financial district no place was open for dinner. We had to go to times square to find a pizza place but in the end it was well worth it. For the fireworks that night we went to the brooklyn side to have the NY skyline as the backdrop. It was very crowded but the fireworks were pretty awesome. On our way home they shut down some of the subway stops so that was an adventure. 

Day 3 we went to the 911 memorial and the museum. It was a bitter sweet experience. It was a nice museum and had neat displays. Inside the musuem they had a cool blue wall that they had different artists depict the color of the sky the day before the towers went down. It was very blue. There was a part of the museum that had voice recordings and pictures and things that dealt with the planes that day. It was hard to listen to, I cried during this part. It was crazy to see all the damage to some of the things they were able to display.  After this we checked out of the hotel and went to the bus stop to head back to Virginia.  

Ellis Island
911 memorial fountains

NY Yankee stadium view from our seats

Brooklyn Bridge

Memorial for firefighters

911 memorial fountain

Love sign

Subway signs

Madison Square garden

Us in front of the Manhattan temple

Yankee stadium

New York skyline

Jason and NY from the pedestal

Me and the NY view from the pedestal

Our bus that broke down on the side

Friday, June 12, 2015

Surgery #2 May 27th, 2015

Yesterday and today have been the longest days ever. The day before surgery I was only allowed to be on a liquid diet which sucked. Chicken broth and jello is not that great when it's all you can eat and it was a hot day.  I went to work the day before surgery and had to wait till 4pm for my surgery. We had to report to the hospital at 1pm. I was able to get a blessing from my husband and my brother in law who is now a missionary so I had peace going in but still was a little scared.  I was terrified of getting an IV but thankfully my IV nurse did a great job and I had no bruises after. 

Unfortunately, the surgery before me went longer than planned so I didn't go into surgery till 6pm. It was a long wait in pre operation.  Before going into surgery I was given blood thinners and that shot hurt and stung a lot, made me cry.  They wheeled me into the surgery room and I was wide awake. It was pretty neat to see all the workings of the operation room and the robot that was going to be used for my surgery.  I apparently looked terrified because the anesthesiologist was concerned for me. He compared my surgery to a Nascar pit stop and me being the Nascar.  It made me laugh which helped. 

I woke up from surgery and was very groggy. I had a great post operation nurse who was very sweet.  Jason was able to come visit me quickly and I kept dosing off and my breathing would go to the red bar and the machine would freak out. So they had to wake me up to make sure I kept breathing.  I had to pass a breathing test and eat a little bit before they let me leave. I also sat in a chair and had to go to the bathroom.  It was a rough go but it was around 11pm before we left the hospital.  It took a while for the car to get to us since we valet it and people had all gone home.  Security had to go find it. Jason got me home safely and walking up stairs was a slow go.  I slept on the couch that night and Jason was kind enough to sleep on an air mattress that night next to me. I felt bad but I had to wake him up to go to the bathroom and to get pain meds every four hours. It was a long night but we slept for the most of it. 

I have been very sore and walking and sitting has been hard to do.  I have watched lots of tv and movies. I have worked on a puzzle that it is a lot of pieces.  I have been read a lot of books and have learned to relax a little which is good for me. I am working on a yarn wreath and finishing up an all season wreath.  We had a follow up appointment on June 8th and I am healing well. I had a small infection so I am on antibotics.  Sadly we found out that the cysts were not cysts but borderline tumors thankfully were NOT cancerous.  The doctor is concernced that since they seem to keep growing and coming back the next time they come back they have a 17% chance of being cancerous.  So, I have options to either be monitored every six months with ultrasounds to see if they come back or remove my left ovary and the fallopian tube.  I was in shock at the doctors office but after talking it through we decided it would be nice to keep me around and not even mess with the chance of cancer. 

As many of you know we have been trying to have kids and have hit many road blocks. I am not going to lie it has been a hard road full of tears but I know the Lord will provide away.  Right now I am just focusing on healing from this surgery and then we will see in a few months if we will be back in surgery.  I appreciate all the prayers, kind thoughts, and help that people have given our family. I am grateful for modern medicine and the abilities of doctors to keep people alive and healthy. 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Trials in our lives and Infertility

As some of you know we have been trying for a year and a half to get pregnant.  Unfortunately, we have had no luck.  I was hoping that after my surgery in November to remove a cyst and polyp it would be an instant fix but I was wrong. It has been a hard trial to go through but I know in the end we will be stronger and it will be all worth it. We decided after a few months after the surgery and trying again to go visit a fertility clinic.  Luckily, there is one pretty close to us so we went and saw them and found out we have unexplained infertility.  We are both healthy and doing well.  It was a neat experience to hear all the ways that doctors can help people out with infertility.  After twelve vials of blood and almost fainting we were able to be given the all clear to start a treatment the following months called IUI, which is basically insemination with added hormones to help make things move along. 

After a cycle and getting blood work and an ultrasound we had to put a hold on the IUI.  During the ultrasound they found another cyst on my left ovary that the fertility doctor was a little concerned about. She referred me to a pelvic specialist and OBGYN that does these things. We set up an appointment in April and he was a little concerned to but wanted to wait three weeks for another ultrasound to see if it changed in anyway.  So May 8th I went in for an ultrasound and unfortunately the cyst is still there and has grown a little.  I also have had pain off and on and at times it is very painful.  So, we are headed back to the doctor on May 18th to decide if surgery is needed and if so we head back to the hospital on May 27th.  Hopefully, this is the last surgery and will be the end of it. 

It has been a struggle not having children of my own but I was reminded by kind friends that I have been blessed to be a mothering type to the sweet toddlers I teach daily. Also, that my time will come and it is all in the Lord's hand and he is mindful of us and loves us.  

Today on Mothers Day I was reminded by a beautiful talk that we are all mothers and can be examples to others. Mothers are not perfect but they are the closest thing to godliness. It was a beautiful reminder. To all my friends that are struggling I pray for you and know your pain.  We will all be parents one day and it will be a beautiful day.  It has been a hard trial that is still going on but I know one day it will all be worth it.

 I want to thank all my wonderful examples of Mothers in my life and all those that have helped raise me.  I have had many friends moms be there for me and help me as I was growing up.  Also so blessed to have a birth mom and my mom Geri.  She is a great person inside and out and I am so blessed she adopted me and took me in as her own. Thank you for all you have taught me and all you will continue to teach me.

Moving next door

On March 27th we moved to the apartment next door, literally next door. We moved because it has two bedrooms and gave us more room to move around and grow into one day.  Not that moving is ever easy but this is probably going to be our easiest move. Jason and I packed up some things but we spent most of Friday walking things over. We got the keys and checked out the apartment and moved things over. It was alot of walking but we were mostly done with the lighter things by noon.  Our ward from church was very nice and helped us clean the old apartment and that was a big help.  Luckily our cable guy was able to come and get us all set up since the NCCA tournament was going on and as you all know we love sports.

Friday evening Jasons mom Ann came and stayed the night in our new place and helped us settle in. Saturday morning we had a friend come over and helped us move heavy things.  Our couches were being a little difficult and it took 40 minutes to get them in the door. Our apartment has a L shaped angle as you come in so that was causing issues. As we put the couch in we hit the hallway light off the nails so that was exciting. After we got in the big things Jason's aunt and uncle helped us put up curtain rods and other things up.

It is so nice to have a bigger apartment and hopefully we can grow into it soon. We have loved having this new place and feel blessed to have it.  For those that send us things our address is the same just the apartment number is now Apt E instead of F.  

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Valentines Day 2015 and Hockey

I wasn't thinking and scheduled a dentist cleaning that morning.  Later that afternoon we went for an early lunch to the Cheesecake factory because it was going to snow a lot that night.  I was worried so we had a great lunch and took home cheesecake. I tried their lemon meringue cheesecake, it was pretty good.  Jason took home the white chocolate raspberry truffle, also so good.  He gave me flowers and this cute frame of photos of places we have lived  together. Those places being Utah, Nashville, TN and Washington D.C.
  I gave him a bag of a few things that were special to us and him.  We came home and enjoyed time together and watched a movie.

Sunday morning we had ward conference so we spent the evening and the morning shoveling ourselves out of snow.  Ward conference was good and we had a good time.  Later in the week we had tickets for a Washington Capitals hockey game. We had a good time and seats were way at the top but it was not bad. You could stand up and cheer on your team without worrying about people being mad that you were up. There was a group of 8th graders visiting D.C and they could not sit still. They kept getting up, so that was frustrating but we won the game.  It was a cold day, wind chills and we were in the negative degrees.  No fun, as we rode metro home it started snowing.  The metro platform was pretty icy and you had to waddle to get to the escalator to get to your car.  It was a good time though. They gave away bobbleheads so we got two.  One is going to Jason's work and one is at home. It was an Alex Ovechin one so it was pretty cool.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Christmas 2014

This Christmas I am very grateful for my families health, safety and peace. Also so grateful for the Savior Jesus Christ and his birth and life. Each day I get the opportunity to repent or ask for forgiveness from the wrongs I do each day.  I am so blessed to have a great family. Every Christmas we take a trip to the Washington DC temple to see the Christmas lights. 

We drove down to Richmond area to be with Jason's family for Christmas.  We left on December 23rd in the evening and had our first experience on the express lanes which were free so we had to experience them. We had fun getting ready for Christmas Eve dinner at the grandparents that night.  Jason's family has a tradition were they eat fondue with meats and vegetables. It is so delicious.  My mother called me and told me she was headed to the emergency room with my aunt. So all day I was a little distracted, but she finally called me and told me she had pneumonia and was being admitted into the hospital. It was hard to not be around her and to know she was in the hospital during Christmas Eve. Luckily, I was able to talk to her and after many days she was able to be released.

We had a good rest of our evening and both grandparents were able to be together for that evening. We went home and woke up Christmas morning and opened gifts and had a great Christmas breakfast. It was a nice time had by all.  The next day we spent time with my father in law and his side of the family. Family dinner and watching sports. Since they were out of town we celebrated with breakfast and gift opening at their place on Sunday morning. It was nice.  We drove home that day since we both had to work that day.

I got sick over New Years Eve and was told a week before that it was just something viral. So, I worked till 3pm on New Years eve but fell asleep at 7-9pm and then woke up to celebrate the ball dropping in New York. I woke up early New Years Day and had to go to the minute clinic at CVS. I found out I had an ear infection and was given great medicine to help cure me.  It worked pretty well.  I am finally off to a better start for 2015. New Years day we watched the Washington Wizards play the Chicago Black hawks at the Winter Classic. It was here in Washington DC in the baseball field of the Washington Nationals. We tried really hard to get tickets but they were very expensive and it was freezing that day. They played the game outside. We were all dressed up in our jerseys and excited for the game.

Jason and I at the temple lights

Beautiful Washington DC temple with lights

Washington DC temple that you can see off the freeway in DC

Jason and I ready for the Winter Classic

Wizards Game

I randomly enter a contest for free tickets to a sporting event here in Washington D.C.  I got an email around Thanksgiving saying I had won two tickets to a Washington Wizards game. So, I filled out the paper work and they were sent to me in the mail.  Jason and I went to the game on December 3rd, 2014. We got to sit on the lower level, two rows in front of a suite. They were great tickets and we had no one sitting next to us on one side.  Until some guy came over and took a seat next to me but his seat was originally upstairs.  The game was against the Los Angeles Lakers so they had lots of fans. It was a great game that was pretty close the whole way. Luckily, we came out with the win!.  I had fun being loud and cheering for the Washington Wizards as the guy next to us was a Lakers fan and took up a lot of my leg room.  It was a good game and it was nice the tickets were free. We left to get some food and came back and some lady was sitting in our seats.  The usher had to tell her to get out of our seats, she sat on our coats and acted like she didn't realize some one was sitting there.  
Tip off

The game in action up close

Wizards win

Jason and me after the game