Saturday, January 17, 2015

Christmas 2014

This Christmas I am very grateful for my families health, safety and peace. Also so grateful for the Savior Jesus Christ and his birth and life. Each day I get the opportunity to repent or ask for forgiveness from the wrongs I do each day.  I am so blessed to have a great family. Every Christmas we take a trip to the Washington DC temple to see the Christmas lights. 

We drove down to Richmond area to be with Jason's family for Christmas.  We left on December 23rd in the evening and had our first experience on the express lanes which were free so we had to experience them. We had fun getting ready for Christmas Eve dinner at the grandparents that night.  Jason's family has a tradition were they eat fondue with meats and vegetables. It is so delicious.  My mother called me and told me she was headed to the emergency room with my aunt. So all day I was a little distracted, but she finally called me and told me she had pneumonia and was being admitted into the hospital. It was hard to not be around her and to know she was in the hospital during Christmas Eve. Luckily, I was able to talk to her and after many days she was able to be released.

We had a good rest of our evening and both grandparents were able to be together for that evening. We went home and woke up Christmas morning and opened gifts and had a great Christmas breakfast. It was a nice time had by all.  The next day we spent time with my father in law and his side of the family. Family dinner and watching sports. Since they were out of town we celebrated with breakfast and gift opening at their place on Sunday morning. It was nice.  We drove home that day since we both had to work that day.

I got sick over New Years Eve and was told a week before that it was just something viral. So, I worked till 3pm on New Years eve but fell asleep at 7-9pm and then woke up to celebrate the ball dropping in New York. I woke up early New Years Day and had to go to the minute clinic at CVS. I found out I had an ear infection and was given great medicine to help cure me.  It worked pretty well.  I am finally off to a better start for 2015. New Years day we watched the Washington Wizards play the Chicago Black hawks at the Winter Classic. It was here in Washington DC in the baseball field of the Washington Nationals. We tried really hard to get tickets but they were very expensive and it was freezing that day. They played the game outside. We were all dressed up in our jerseys and excited for the game.

Jason and I at the temple lights

Beautiful Washington DC temple with lights

Washington DC temple that you can see off the freeway in DC

Jason and I ready for the Winter Classic

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