Thursday, March 5, 2015

Valentines Day 2015 and Hockey

I wasn't thinking and scheduled a dentist cleaning that morning.  Later that afternoon we went for an early lunch to the Cheesecake factory because it was going to snow a lot that night.  I was worried so we had a great lunch and took home cheesecake. I tried their lemon meringue cheesecake, it was pretty good.  Jason took home the white chocolate raspberry truffle, also so good.  He gave me flowers and this cute frame of photos of places we have lived  together. Those places being Utah, Nashville, TN and Washington D.C.
  I gave him a bag of a few things that were special to us and him.  We came home and enjoyed time together and watched a movie.

Sunday morning we had ward conference so we spent the evening and the morning shoveling ourselves out of snow.  Ward conference was good and we had a good time.  Later in the week we had tickets for a Washington Capitals hockey game. We had a good time and seats were way at the top but it was not bad. You could stand up and cheer on your team without worrying about people being mad that you were up. There was a group of 8th graders visiting D.C and they could not sit still. They kept getting up, so that was frustrating but we won the game.  It was a cold day, wind chills and we were in the negative degrees.  No fun, as we rode metro home it started snowing.  The metro platform was pretty icy and you had to waddle to get to the escalator to get to your car.  It was a good time though. They gave away bobbleheads so we got two.  One is going to Jason's work and one is at home. It was an Alex Ovechin one so it was pretty cool.

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  1. Great idea Jason! What a beautiful and artistic way to showcase your journey.
    Hope you guys are doing well with this expected snowstorm. Wish we were there to help shovel you out. :)