Sunday, May 10, 2015

Moving next door

On March 27th we moved to the apartment next door, literally next door. We moved because it has two bedrooms and gave us more room to move around and grow into one day.  Not that moving is ever easy but this is probably going to be our easiest move. Jason and I packed up some things but we spent most of Friday walking things over. We got the keys and checked out the apartment and moved things over. It was alot of walking but we were mostly done with the lighter things by noon.  Our ward from church was very nice and helped us clean the old apartment and that was a big help.  Luckily our cable guy was able to come and get us all set up since the NCCA tournament was going on and as you all know we love sports.

Friday evening Jasons mom Ann came and stayed the night in our new place and helped us settle in. Saturday morning we had a friend come over and helped us move heavy things.  Our couches were being a little difficult and it took 40 minutes to get them in the door. Our apartment has a L shaped angle as you come in so that was causing issues. As we put the couch in we hit the hallway light off the nails so that was exciting. After we got in the big things Jason's aunt and uncle helped us put up curtain rods and other things up.

It is so nice to have a bigger apartment and hopefully we can grow into it soon. We have loved having this new place and feel blessed to have it.  For those that send us things our address is the same just the apartment number is now Apt E instead of F.  

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