Saturday, January 17, 2015

Wizards Game

I randomly enter a contest for free tickets to a sporting event here in Washington D.C.  I got an email around Thanksgiving saying I had won two tickets to a Washington Wizards game. So, I filled out the paper work and they were sent to me in the mail.  Jason and I went to the game on December 3rd, 2014. We got to sit on the lower level, two rows in front of a suite. They were great tickets and we had no one sitting next to us on one side.  Until some guy came over and took a seat next to me but his seat was originally upstairs.  The game was against the Los Angeles Lakers so they had lots of fans. It was a great game that was pretty close the whole way. Luckily, we came out with the win!.  I had fun being loud and cheering for the Washington Wizards as the guy next to us was a Lakers fan and took up a lot of my leg room.  It was a good game and it was nice the tickets were free. We left to get some food and came back and some lady was sitting in our seats.  The usher had to tell her to get out of our seats, she sat on our coats and acted like she didn't realize some one was sitting there.  
Tip off

The game in action up close

Wizards win

Jason and me after the game

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