Friday, June 12, 2015

Surgery #2 May 27th, 2015

Yesterday and today have been the longest days ever. The day before surgery I was only allowed to be on a liquid diet which sucked. Chicken broth and jello is not that great when it's all you can eat and it was a hot day.  I went to work the day before surgery and had to wait till 4pm for my surgery. We had to report to the hospital at 1pm. I was able to get a blessing from my husband and my brother in law who is now a missionary so I had peace going in but still was a little scared.  I was terrified of getting an IV but thankfully my IV nurse did a great job and I had no bruises after. 

Unfortunately, the surgery before me went longer than planned so I didn't go into surgery till 6pm. It was a long wait in pre operation.  Before going into surgery I was given blood thinners and that shot hurt and stung a lot, made me cry.  They wheeled me into the surgery room and I was wide awake. It was pretty neat to see all the workings of the operation room and the robot that was going to be used for my surgery.  I apparently looked terrified because the anesthesiologist was concerned for me. He compared my surgery to a Nascar pit stop and me being the Nascar.  It made me laugh which helped. 

I woke up from surgery and was very groggy. I had a great post operation nurse who was very sweet.  Jason was able to come visit me quickly and I kept dosing off and my breathing would go to the red bar and the machine would freak out. So they had to wake me up to make sure I kept breathing.  I had to pass a breathing test and eat a little bit before they let me leave. I also sat in a chair and had to go to the bathroom.  It was a rough go but it was around 11pm before we left the hospital.  It took a while for the car to get to us since we valet it and people had all gone home.  Security had to go find it. Jason got me home safely and walking up stairs was a slow go.  I slept on the couch that night and Jason was kind enough to sleep on an air mattress that night next to me. I felt bad but I had to wake him up to go to the bathroom and to get pain meds every four hours. It was a long night but we slept for the most of it. 

I have been very sore and walking and sitting has been hard to do.  I have watched lots of tv and movies. I have worked on a puzzle that it is a lot of pieces.  I have been read a lot of books and have learned to relax a little which is good for me. I am working on a yarn wreath and finishing up an all season wreath.  We had a follow up appointment on June 8th and I am healing well. I had a small infection so I am on antibotics.  Sadly we found out that the cysts were not cysts but borderline tumors thankfully were NOT cancerous.  The doctor is concernced that since they seem to keep growing and coming back the next time they come back they have a 17% chance of being cancerous.  So, I have options to either be monitored every six months with ultrasounds to see if they come back or remove my left ovary and the fallopian tube.  I was in shock at the doctors office but after talking it through we decided it would be nice to keep me around and not even mess with the chance of cancer. 

As many of you know we have been trying to have kids and have hit many road blocks. I am not going to lie it has been a hard road full of tears but I know the Lord will provide away.  Right now I am just focusing on healing from this surgery and then we will see in a few months if we will be back in surgery.  I appreciate all the prayers, kind thoughts, and help that people have given our family. I am grateful for modern medicine and the abilities of doctors to keep people alive and healthy. 

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  1. wow! i'm so sorry about all that. i hope you keep recovering and feeling better!