Saturday, January 8, 2011

Our First Christmas Together

We went to Virginia this Christmas to be with Jason's family. We spent two weeks there. I got to see Washington D.C., ride the metro, see the Washington D.C Temple and see snow on Christmas night. We also had fondue with peanut oil and all kinds of meat, onions, and cauliflower at the grandparents house which was amazing, very tasty. We had a good time being with family and just enjoying the holiday season.

When we went to D.C. I got to ride up to the top of the Washington Monument and see the amazing view for there. Also saw the Lincoln Memorial, the National History Museum, Air and Space Museum, and the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (basically where they print money). It was pretty cool, on our way to the National History Museum we saw a squirrel sitting on top of a trash can eating a granola bar. It was pretty funny. The Metro system there is pretty cool, but you definitely need to pay attention to where your going. In Union Station we had some amazing Great Steak Sandwiches, they were amazing.

On our way home from Washington D.C. we stopped by IKEA to see if they had an end tables for our living room. We found two tables in the AS IS section for $3 a piece. We spent our Christmas break painting our tables black. It was a fun project and now they are in our living room.

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