Saturday, April 9, 2011

Our crazy weekend

On Friday we went to the last home game of the regular hockey season for the Nashville predators. We got some good tickets for Jason's birthday and had a great time. During the beginning of the game the glass in between the players and the fan broke somehow so they had to duct tape it so we could start the game. Also, we had some fan throw a catfish onto the ice and the refs did not do anything about it for awhile. How in the world does someone sneak in a fish past security was my question.

During one of the intermissions we had the singer from the group Alabama sing. It was pretty cool. Nashville predators did not play very well but they came out with a win 4-1. The only reason we stayed in the game was the goalie who made 44 saves.

Also, this morning we went to a driving range and hit golf balls around. Unfortunately the weather here is 80 degrees and humid. I am not the best at swinging at things but it was fun. Tonight we are going to a party for Jason's industrial organization group so it should be fun. Life is good, hope your all doing well as well.

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