Friday, July 22, 2011

Minnesota Family Reunion 2011

In mid July I flew to Minnesota to my family reunion on my mom's side.  I have not seen my mom for a year so it was fun to see her and my sister Gabby.  We went up into Northern Minnesota to go camping and swimming in the lakes.  Unfortunately, Minnesota was on a state shut down because they were having money issues so some of our favorite parks were closed.  We still got to go to Saw bill Lake and swim, and it was definitely a lot cooler in Minnesota than it has been in Tennessee.

As we drove up North we stopped in Duluth, MN and saw these tandem bikes.  There was one that seated six people. My cousin Sara, Terrance, Morgan and Spencer, Gabby and I all pedaled around this track.  It was so fun but it was hard work.  We were all sore the next day. It was a great family reunion.  Mom, Gabby, and I went to the Mall of America.  It was a lot of fun spending time with my family.  Sadly, Jason had to stay home because he had class and had to work.  It was hard being apart for a whole week but we survived. 

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