Thursday, December 13, 2012

The State Capital and Utah Jazz game

We signed up for tickets to take a tour at the State Capital in Washington D.C.  We had to go through metal detectors and I beeped.  My belt set it off, ah.  I always seem to set them off.  The state capital building is very pretty and big. We started our tour with a video in this huge theater and then had headphones on and followed a tour guide around.  We got to learn more about the history of the great nation we live in--America. 

It was touching to hear the story about 9/11.  The tour guide told us she was in the building that day and was running for cover and was not sure if she was going to live.  The plane that was headed for the capital crashed a few miles away from where she was.  It was touching to be reminded of all the sacrifices many people made that day.  While we were walking around we passed by John Boehner office. It was neat. 

The rotunda
The beautiful painting at the top of the rotunda

The statue in the old ballroom

The star showing the center of D.C.

The capital building sign

Us outside the capital

Jazz vs Wizards game

Warm Ups

Jazz team huddling up

Final Score 

For my birthday Jason bought us tickets to the Utah Jazz game vs. the Washington Wizards.  This is the closest way we could see my Utah Jazz team.  Unfortunately the Wizards are not doing well this season. The game was pretty close the whole game.  We had a good time and really good seats.  We had a great time.

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