Saturday, May 20, 2017

Labor Day weekend 2016

Labor day weekend in September 2016 was an adventure. Jason was diagnosed with sleep apnea and was having surgery to down his uvulo, removed tonsils and reduced the size of his tongue base. His surgery was done up in Pennsylvania at the University of Pennsylvania hospital.  Jason's surgery was in the morning of September 1st.  He had to spend a few days in the hospital depending on his pain level.  It was no fun watching him go through this surgery. Cristina was an emotional wreck. I am used to being the one getting surgery.

They had Jason go back and change and I only got to be with him for a few minutes. I cried leaving him and just prayed he would be fine and the surgery would go well.  The hospital is huge and has all these wings to get lost in.  They guided me to a waiting room and I went to get lunch in the cafeteria. Jason's surgery was pretty fast--the Dr came and got me and told me all went well and he would be very sore but she felt it was successful.  I was able to go see him in recovery a half hour later and he looked so pitiful. He was sleepy but recognized me. The nurses were so nice and helpful.  Jason got moved up to a room since he had stay for the weekend.  I stayed with him till 9pm that night and I drove to a hotel by the airport. I was so exhausted but they had an awesome gym so I worked out night one. 

I ate breakfast at the hospital and Jason attempted to eat a little bit. He was on a pain pump that he pushed a button when he was hurting and also they gave him liquid medicine for the first part of the surgery.  The 2nd day they gave him a pill to swallow and took him off the pain pump. It was hard to see him in pain.  He would dose off on me but it was fine. I had things to do and a TV in the room to watch.  Jason was in a shared room but had the first bed. The guy next in the room with him had a complicated surgery too, his wife was so nice. Every time Jason got up he had to take his pain pump with him, we walked the halls a few times and that was fun. Jason's Dad was in philly visiting so they came to see us and took me to Bobby's burger place.  There food is so delicious.

I went to the hotel because BYU was playing football.  I started watching it in the hotel lobby because the wifi was free there.  It was an interesting experience...Jason eventually told me to go buy the wifi so I could watch the game and fall asleep. The BYU game went to 1am that day.  I went to bed but woke up early because Jason texted me and said he was probably being release that morning.  I checked out of the hotel by the airport because we had another hotel in New Jersey set up which is for an extended stay so Jason could heal. The doctor wanted us to stay near by in case there were issues since we were 4 hours away from home.

Jason was released that afternoon and we picked up pain medicine and headed to the hotel. Luckily they had our room set up early. We got there and I went grocery shopping and got Jason some soft food to eat for lunch.  He slept alot and I relaxed and helped him with things.  The hotel had breakfast so he was able to eat a few things. We had a follow up with the doctor before we left and she said all looked good. We headed home a week later.  Thank goodness the surgery has been successful.


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