Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My 26th Birthday and News

I apologize for not updating this recently.  As we all know life gets busy and hectic.   Jason had the opportunity to apply for a potential job in Washington D.C. for upcoming master's degree graduates.  He took a weird test and they told us the results last night. Unfortunately, they were not the results we wanted but we know the Lord has plans for us elsewhere.  We are both scheduled to graduate in May 2012 and we are pretty excited to see what life has planned for us.

I turned 26 on October 19th.  It was a great day, I went to school and had to take a test but I did well on it.  I also had to go to work with my preschoolers.  They all sang Happy Birthday and kept saying it all day.  The night before Jason had decorated the apartment and bought me roses. He is such a great sweet husband.  We  went to eat dinner at Olive Garden and played mini gold in the mall.  It is a glow in the dark mini golf course.  It was fun.  Jason also made me cake and bought me a GPS.  My mom got me a massage and a Kohl's gift card.  My sister gave me some money and Rafa got me a gift card to Olive Garden.  My mother in law got me some new shoes and so it was a great day.  Then my awesome visiting teacher and dear friend brought me some cute little desserts. Here is a picture of them, they were cute and yummy.

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  1. Sounds fun!! I'm sorry I missed your birthday - I thought of you and was getting ready to call you when I realized I don't have your number :( I was sad. I miss you and hope you are well! xoxoxo