Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Thanksgiving and Black Friday

This Thanksgiving we went to spend it with Jason's side of the family in Virginia.  It was a nice time with family.  We drove the nine hours there and had a fun ride.  We went to eat with Jason's dad's side of the family for Thanksgiving dinner.  It was a new experience, they did not serve your traditional food. We ate ham, short ribs, and salmon along with carrot casserole (kinda tastes like sweet potatoes).  I don't like sweet potatoes so I enjoyed the carrot casserole.  We had some yummy pies and watched football.  Later that night Jason and I went to Walmart to stand in line for a laptop that was on sale for black Friday.  I have never stood in line for anything but it was an experience.

Unfortunately, a few days before we went to Virgina, Jason's laptop crashed on him.  Luckily, everything was saved onto flash drives or the Icloud.  It was basically perfect timing since we were going to ask for laptops for Christmas anyway.  Now, we will just buy it and he will use it early.  So, anyways, when going to Walmart on Black Friday, make sure you ask people when there standing in line by a pharmacy what there in line for.  We were standing by the balloon that says stand here but there was a line that had formed by the pharmacy for the laptops.  It was a bit tense for awhile but we were numbers 9 and 10.  This meant we were guaranteed a laptop, but they made you stay in line.  If you had to leave to go to the bathroom you needed a pass, which was only for fifteen minutes.

At 10pm they began selling toys but some people began taking the shrink wrap off early.  There was a huge fight that broke out in the garden center over Powerwheels Car's Car.  People were punching each other and the police came in to arrest people.  Who knew power wheels were so deadly.  LOL.  To make a story short, we got the laptops at midnight and went to sleep at 2am. Before we went to bed at 1am we drove by Target and the line was still completely out the door, it opened at midnight.   We woke up at 8am and went to Target to get other things for family and friends. 

Power wheels Car that caused all the drama

The next afternoon we had a traditional dinner with Jason's mom and siblings. It was yummy. It was a good time had by all.  Now on to Utah for Christmas. 

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