Sunday, January 8, 2012

Christmas 2011

We flew out to Utah on December 16 and came back January 2nd.  It was a fun time, it was good seeing old friends and family again.  As many of you know Jason and I are huge sports fans.  We went back to BYU and enjoyed the BYU vs. Baylor basketball game.  It was nice to be back to the our school and where Jason proposed.  BYU lost unfortunately but the refs sucked and were calling some lame calls.

We spent some time visiting Jason's family.  Family is awesome.  I am so glad God gave us families.  Also, we caught up with some dear friends and it was good spending time with them. It was amazing to think it had been a year and a half since we were in Utah.  Nothing has changed but then it seemed like many things had.  I felt like all we did while we were in Utah was eat, which is not a bad thing.  We really missed eating Cafe Rio and In n' Out.  In Tennessee we cannot find any good Mexican food. 

Christmas Eve we had some of the elderly  ladies over for dinner and spent time together as a family.  It was nice to be with my family again.  Christmas Day we opened up gifts, went to church and had a good day.  As a family the next day we saw the movie Warhorse.  It was a good movie that makes you cry.  Jason, me, my little sister and a few of her friends went to the Utah Jazz home opener versus the Philadelphia 76ers.  It was a fun game, came down to the wire.  We won 102 to 99.  Also, my sister threw a huge  New Years Eve party.  We had a good night and a good visit.

Jazz game scoreboard

Jason and I at the Jazz game

Jumbotron @ BYU game

BYU Court

SLC Temple @ Christmas

Me, My sister, My Mom, and Rafa

Jason and I
It was nice to come back to Utah.  It was really cold and unfortunately it never snowed while we were there.   We enjoyed our time there. We hope everyone a great upcoming year in 2012. 

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