Sunday, April 8, 2012

27 days left till I have to Grow up

Life just seems to be flying by. We both graduate in 27 days.  I graduate with my bachelors degree and Jason with his master's degree.  He had to take a test that if he passes allows him to graduate. I am sure he passed but we are just waiting to see. He also has had some interviews,we are hoping to see what they all decided. He has had a few interviews with potential job opportunities, we are just playing the waiting game. We may be moving to either another city in Tennessee or if God sends us elsewhere then we will go there.

I really like to have my life planned out and right now it's up in the air.  I am learning to put all my trust in the Lord. He always takes care of us and does not give us more that we can handle. I have been extremely humbled and I know that Heavenly Father will answer prayers, just in his due time.  Also, today in church I relearned that if we read the scriptures and do what we need to God will bless us.

I work in the Primary, I love my calling. The little children teach me so much. It is simple but in all reality the gospel is simple and great.  I am extremely grateful to my Savior Jesus Christ for taking upon him my sins so I can use the Atonement in my life each day.

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  1. Such an exciting but anxious time! Can't wait to see where God takes you in life. Best wishes and I sure miss you!