Thursday, October 18, 2012

My New Job and Happenings

I started a new job on October 8th at a Children's Center called Winwood. It has been a week since I started and I love it.  I take care of toddlers ages 16 mo to 24 mos.  There adorable and so cute.  Diaper changing has been an experience.  On Thursday I hurt my back at work lifting up a toddler. I was walking very awkwardly and in a lot of pain.  But this past weekend we went to Richmond to visit Jason's parents.  Jason's dad was having surgery on his bladder to take out some cancer and get chemotherapy.  It was a tender moment but he is doing well.  God was watching out over him during the surgery. 

 So Monday  I went into the doctors to get it checked out.  As of right now I am on workers comp and am at home resting my back.  They gave me muscle relaxers, pain medicine and gave me physical therapy. Unfortunately physical therapy is not possible till Monday.  So, I have been at home resting my back.  I am going back to the doctors on Monday to see what the next step is going to be. 

I am not the most patient person when it comes to sitting around doing nothing but I have had time to sit back and strengthen my faith.  I am so grateful for a working body and the saying is true, "You never know what you miss till it is gone."  I miss a good working back. But, I am grateful for my health and for wonderful doctors who are working with me to get better.  



  1. So sorry about your back! i hope you feel better

  2. I'm hoping and praying for your fast recovery my dear friend.

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