Thursday, January 31, 2013

Feeling so blessed

February Valentine's Day Bulletin Board
The design we did for my classroom door for Valentine's
I have been feeling so incredibly blessed and lucky.  My little sister was in a small accident where she slid off the road in Utah on the day they had freezing rain.  It was scary because I was talking to her on the phone, via speaker phone.  It was so nice to know that there were people who were able to step in when I was not near.  Luckily her car was fine, minus being stuck in rocks and had to get towed out.  It is still drivable and she only had a minor headache for a day or so.  I really love my sister and we are so close.  I am so glad that Heavenly Father kept her safe. 

I have also felt so blessed to be able to work with young toddlers.  I work in the toddler class at my preschool. There between the ages of 16 months-24 months. They are so cute.  I have a few "Boyfriends" as the other teachers call them.  There so cute, they get excited when they see me after they wake up from nap.  They all call me Tina since Cristina was too hard.  I enjoy working with these kids. They get so excited when they learn new things and say new words.  It's amazing to me how much they learn each day. Right now they are learning Spanish and they are doing so well. 

Also, most of you know I hurt my back my first week of starting my new job.  I was in physical therapy for three months and it has helped a lot.  I was sent to a orthopedic surgeon and after some x rays they told me nothing was wrong with my spine. So, I still have some pain but nothing like it was at the beginning.  I am so grateful.

Just some random thoughts but I hope you all are blessed as well. 

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