Monday, May 20, 2013

Nationals Baseball Game May 10th, 2013.

We found tickets to the Washington Nationals Baseball Game vs. Chicago Cubs.  We found tickets for $8. We had pretty good seats, they were in the middle section, three rows down from the top but the stairs started at the top.  We had the outside seats so we could move in and out.  It was a great game, they won 8-2. Go Nats Go!  It was also the third game of the Washington Capitals so we were able to see the score of that game from where we sat. We had hotdogs and soda and popcorn.  It was a good night of great baseball.  I have never really liked baseball till I meet Jason.  I figure, to be a true American you need to like baseball or at least go to one of the games.  

On our way home the Metro shut down the metro five stops from our normal stop. They were working on the rails for the new line that is coming in January.  They have us taking bus shuttles to the stop we need to go too.  We had to wait in line and some drunk dude was trying to cut in line. They guy behind us pointed it out and confronted the guy.  We were able to get on the bus right before the down pour.  I felt bad for everyone that had to wait in the rain.  We made it home safely.  It was a fun night. 
Our view of the field

Home plate

The outfield

Teddy Roosevelt

George Washington

Mount Rushmore with the Presidents

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