Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Last Minute Hockey Game

So, my husband is very spontaneous.  He had been talking about going to a Washington Capitals game but the tickets have been very expensive.  But, at the last minute on Thursday April 11th. he found some really cheap tickets--basically a half hour before the game.  I was driving home from work and he called and told me about the tickets. I said yes and rushed home.  We printed our tickets and drove to the metro.  There of course was rush hour traffic so we caught the metro.  On our way to the game, the metro got full. Some girl was all dressed up and was holding on to the pole in the metro. Well the metro is a little jerky and she fell over this older black women. It was funny because as she started to fall she said, "Oh my goodness, help."  It was very polite and kind. She felt so bad about sitting on the lady and embarrassed. The older black women said she was having a bad day at work and that just helped her get her mind off of it. She was so sweet. It was funny to watch. 

We ended up missing the first period but nothing exciting had happened yet. In the metro there was a couple that I guess never goes to the games. They asked us if they could follow us to figure to how to ride the metro to the Verizon Center Arena. Well, the game ended up being a great game. Last time we went to the game and played this team we lost 4-0.  But this time we were good luck, we won 3-1.  It was a great game and we had a lot of fun. 

The final score 3-1

Players celebrating

Face off

The players signaling to fans thank you

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