Friday, June 14, 2013

Graduation 2013

On June 7th my brother in law Chad graduated from high school.  We got the opportunity to go down and be a part of the celebration weekend.  Tropical storm Andrea decided it would be nice to down pour on us so it was a wet day.  It was down pouring on our way there.  We had nine family members there.  It was neat to listen to the speakers and know that the next generations of high school graduates are doing well.  The man saying the names said them so fast, he did it in like 20 minutes.  Then again there were only 500 students graduating. The rain cleared up for a few minutes to get a family picture real quick. Not my best picture but everyone looks good.

We went to lunch at Capital Ale House.  It was really delicious.  I had a really good burger and fries.  It was nice to see family again.  I am so proud of Chad for all his accomplishments he has made in the three years I have known him.  He is off to BYU-Idaho in September to study Mechanical Engineering.  I am excited to see what the future holds for him.  He is a great guy, brother in law, and person. 

Later that evening we watched a movie and ate pizza with Jason's dad and wife Laura and the brothers.  Saturday it rained most of the morning and cleared up in the afternoon.  Just in time for our barbecue we had at Jason's mom's house.  It was a good time.  Later that evening we went bowling with Jason mom, Chad and the two of us.  Jason mom had the bumpers up. Lol.  It was funny the way people move to get the ball to go a certain way.  Our lane kept breaking down on us so the guy working had to keep walking back to reset the pins in the back.  I actually bowled a 102 by the end of the second game.  I got 2 strikes too which is pretty good for me. 

Sunday morning we went to church with Jason's dad and Laura.  It was nice to go to RS since I never go anymore since I serve in Primary with the little three year olds.  We celebrated Father's Day this Sunday because Dad and Laura were going to Georgia to celebrate Father's Day with her parents.  It was a good dinner and we headed back home.  As a family we are trying to loss weight to get into better shape. We are trying to do the biggest loser thing.  We will see how it goes. I am sore after the first week but it is nice to get back into shape. 

Jason, Dad, Craig, Chad, Mom, Me at Chad's Graduation

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