Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ingrown toenail surgery

Both my big toes had ingrown toenails in them. So, Saturday July 13th I went and got the surgery done. I was nervous all week about it.  I  am not the biggest fan of needles so I made Jason come with me to hold my hand while they did it.  The doctor and nurse were very sweet.  The nurse told me I had a high tolerance to pain and that I would do well when I had a kid. I laughed, she said this is actually nothing like birth but you will do fine.  After the pain of my big toes being numbed was over it was all fine. The numbness was supposed to work for 24 hours.  I didn't watch any of the surgery but the nurse told Jason to take pictures so I could see it later.  They were going to tape my toe in red tape but the nurse said the tape was too small. So she gave me the choice of blue or pink tape.  I of course went with blue tape!!! Go Cougars!!! 

It was funny.  As the nurse was putting the chair up this big thud happened. She forgot to move the trash can and the remote fell. It was a little scary.  Then while I was getting up I knocked off the foot rest.  I waddled out of the room and Jason drove the car up to the door.  I luckily have been on some pain medicine and antibiotics.  Jason has been awesome at taking care of me.  I forgot that I was having surgery so I am off to work tomorrow all day.   I work with toddlers so I am going to be very cautious of their little feet.

Day 2 has been a little painful.  The numbing medicine has worn off and I woke up in a lot of pain. The pain medicine has helped a little bit.  I slept a lot today. I never felt anything during the surgery. But here is a picture of my toes before and after the surgery.  Those are tooth pick sticks on both sides of my toe. It never hurt.  I loved the paper they placed down for my feet.they were smiling feet.  It was a wild adventure, but I am slowly surviving it.

My feet after surgery

All bandaged up


  1. Thanks for posting about having this done! I'm thinking of having it done on my ingrown toenail on my big toe but I'm super nervous about the needle in my toe! Hope you have a quick recovery :)

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