Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving started a little early for us.  We went to Dad's and Laura's for an early Thanksgiving dinner.  The missionaries were there and it was a great reminder how I need to be on the Lord's side.  It also made me miss my mission but also made me so grateful I decided to go serve a mission.  

Thanksgiving morning we slept in (kinda) and started our Christmas shopping online.  It was nice to not have to go out in the stores and fight the crowds.  We got ready for the day and went to the grandparent's home.  We had an awesome dinner and pie to go along with it.  Later that evening we went Black Friday shopping which was no Black Thursday Shopping.  We went with Jason's mom to Old Navy, which took two hours to stand in line before we checked out.  Everything was 50% off, while she stood in line we went to target and best buy and got a new Christmas tree for pretty cheap.  It looks nice.  Target's lines were a breeze.  We also hit JcPenney and got in and out under 45 minutes.  It was a long night but we slept in the next day and got our eyes checked by Jason's dad.  He is an eye doctor--happy to report we are both got healthy eyes.  Just a tad near sighted but nothing to be concerned about.  

Saturday we slept in and mom and I got our nails done.  I was under the weather all weekend which was no fun.  I think my children got me sick with all their coughing and such.  Later that evening we went to help Dad move and organ from Grandma's house. She has moved out and had a few things left.  It was luckily not as bad as I thought it would be to move.  It was freezing outside and we went and grabbed food at a pizza place but we had philly steak sandwiches instead.  It was a good weekend.  

We went to church at mom's ward and it was what I needed.  The Sunday school lesson was about putting on the whole armor of God and it was a reminder of how I need to be better at protecting myself from the evils of this world.  Also, in RS there was a great lesson about our Savior Jesus Christ and it reminded me that I need to let him more into my life.  Also, I need to slow down my life and not be so concerned about getting everything done in one day.  

Very excited that Christmas season is upon us and we are able to celebrate our Savior.

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