Sunday, October 27, 2013

My 28th Birthday

This year I turned 28 years old, it's crazy to think I have been alive 28 years.  But, this birthday I was humbled a little bit.  Every year I get a little emotional thinking about my birth mom.  As many of you know I am adopted along with my younger sister.  My birth mom was 13 years old when she had me in Mexico.  I do not know anything more about her but every year I am grateful for her and wish her the best.  She gave me life and for that I am blessed.  

This birthday was on a Saturday so Friday night October 18th I came home from work and Jason had made a cake, blown up balloons and decorated the house.  It was so sweet.  We went grocery shopping and he bought me a bouquet of purples roses.  We relaxed and my on October 19th, my birthday our stake( bunch of congregations together is what a stake is) went to the temple for a special meeting in the temple.  It was a neat experience to be in the Priesthood room.  I learned some new things and then Jason and I stayed and did some sealings. (We have the opportunity to help people after they have passed on to be connected to their families through the power of God) It was a neat experience.  I loved the Washington D.C temple, it is so beautiful.  After that we went to the LDS book store and to lunch at Wendy's.  We relaxed and about two hours before the Washington Capitals hockey game we decided to go to the game.  We found some tickets from ticketmaster and bought them.  Unfortunately, the tickets were suppose to be fast but they were not.  We had to wait thirty minutes before they came to our email.  It was frustrating because they were supposed to be instant.  But, they finally came and we ran from our car to the metro station and caught the metro train just in time.  We only missed about fifteen minutes of the game.  

It was a fun game and we sat by some nice people.  We won 4-1.  It was a nice birthday.  I got some money, a Luke Bryan cd, two new shirts, and some material to make a skirt.  It was a good day. 

My  birthday table and decorations

My birthday cake Jason made me

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