Sunday, September 8, 2013

BYU vs VA Football game

Our view from our seats

Cosmo and the cheerleaders

Jason and I in our game day shirts

Score board

The team on the side line

The field before the rain
Jason, me, his brother Chad and his Mom and I bought tickets to the BYU vs Virginia football game in Charlottesville, Virginia.  We drove up two hours and went to lunch there.  Chad was supposed to get his interview to become an Elder at the game.  We were so excited for the game.  My mom bought Jason and I the game day shirts we have on the in the picture.  It was so nice to be back with BYU football fans.  It was hilarious, people from UVA kept saying, "Wow, there are a lot of Mormons here, they traveled all the way from Utah."  I kept telling them we were from all over, not just Utah.  

The game started out fine and we were looking good and then we had an lightning delay for an hour and half.  They had us leave the stadium and go to near by buildings.  Luckily, we had air conditioning, water, and bathrooms for all that time.  We were able to go back into the game and it was pretty good.  Then it decided to down pour and since Jason and I forgot ponchos we went into the portals to watch the game.  I finally found garbage bags to put on and rejoin mom and Chad. They were smart and brought ponchos.  They were a little wet and tired so they left during the 3rd quarter. It was a long game, almost all day. We stayed the whole time, unfortunately we lost and we didn't get home till midnight. 

 The next day Chad was ordained an Elder and we spent some time with Jason's dad and Laura. They got a cute new dog named Allie. She is adorable, but likes to flop on the floor. She is a mini horse and tried to sit on my lap.  It was funny. We are really excited for the rest of the BYU football season. 

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