Sunday, August 18, 2013

Blood drive at Washington Nationals Park

Jason and I signed up to donate blood at Washington nationals Park.  They were giving away a shirt, two tickets to a game and tours of the park.  It was pretty cool, we were excited to help people.  We were both feeling well when we went in but during my blood donation my stomach started to hurt and I got dizzy.  A few minutes after the blood phleobmist guy poked me he said oh crap.  I got nervous and was like what happened, he was like nothing all is ok.  It made me nervous.  

Since I got dizzy they tipped my chair up a little.  The guy that was watching my blood told me I could get up once I felt better,  I had ice packs on my chest and behind my neck.  I am not one for a lot of attention, but I sure got alot of it.  I got up and the lady that was helping me told me to sit in the snack area for twenty minutes.  I drank juice and apparently as I was sitting there I went pale.  So, they had me lie on the floor with my feet up on a chair and more ice packs.  

This nice medical guy named Eric was very helpful and nice.  He made me laugh and helped me feel less dumb for being pale.  These very sweet volunteer ladies kept feeding me cookies and juice. I got color back into my face and my stomach was a little queasy but I was able to walk and felt okay.  I had to go to the bathroom and the women would not let me go alone so I had an escort take me to the bathroom.  It was rather awkward.  I felt so helpless and every one was so concerned for me. I mainly felt bad because I didn't want Jason to worry.  I felt better and left the room with snacks and juice in case it happened again.  We sat outside and we waited to take the tour of Nats park.  It was so cool.  We got to go in areas we would never go to normally.  

 During the tour, we were up in an area that was a little warm.  I started feeling queasy and dizzy again.  An EMT was there and had me lay down and elevate my feet and drink juice.  I think I drank so much juice yesterday, I won't like juice again.  Luckily, I was feeling better so we got to catch the end of the last tour.  The EMT eric that took care of me the first time was the EMT on the last tour.  He came up to me and was like, "I feel like I have seen you before, in this same exact position."  I became part of the tour because I passed out on the tour route.  Rather awkward.  But, we got cool views of things.  I got to see the visitors locker room, the training room, the dug out and stand on the field.  It was an interesting day but I am feeling better today.  I ate food and slept and was able to not faint today.  

Visitors clubhouse

Hallway in visitors locker room

Visitors locker room

batting cage for visiting team

Us in the dug out

Us on Nats park by home plate

Nats park sign

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