Friday, August 8, 2014

Four year anniversary and Mysterious stomache pain

Today is our four year anniversary.  On July 18th we went to a baseball game to celebrate our four years together.  Sunday night we had the missionaries over for dinner and later that evening I was having stomache pains.  Monday morning I had some sharp pains but didn't think much about it.  All I wanted to do is go to dinner my cute husband to celebrate our four years together. I made Jason a candy poster and he got me a Washington Nationals hat.  We went to Olive garden for dinner and then went home and rested since I was a little uncomfortable with stomach pains. 

I am so grateful I have Jason in my life the past four years. He makes my life much better. He always knows how to make me laugh and when things are bothering me. I love that I married my best friend and we can have fun doing whatever. I also love that he shares in the joys of sports with me.  He is a great person and I love him.  I had lingering pain so I went to the doctor finally on Wednesday July 23rd.  The doctor ran all these tests and sent me to go get an ultra sound.  I went and got the ultra sound on Friday morning. It was neat to see how the ultra sound shows the insides of your body. It was neat to see my heart and other organs. No, I am not pregnant, I wish we were though.  The doctor called me and told me all my tests came back normal.  They found a cyst on my ovary and a polypod in my uterus.  Doctors are not too concerned but wanted to keep an eye on it and get re checked in two months.  We have been trying for a baby for a year now and no luck. So, we went to go see my OBGYN and she sent us to go get some more tests to see what is going on. 

We are praying that one day we will be parents.  It has been a hard trial but I know the Lord is aware of my wants and needs even before we ask. He is in charge and will grant us our righteous desires when the time is right.  I am trying my best to keep the faith and hope it works out well and sooner than later. 

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  1. Cristina,
    HI!!! So good to hear from you. And a happy (late) birthday to you too! What did you do for it? I hope it was a great one.
    The weather finally cooled off on November 1st, and we are so glad!