Friday, August 8, 2014

Utah trip 2014 and Gabby's Wedding!

Our trek out to Utah started out at 2:45 am, yes it was very early.   We had to get to the airport by 4am to drop off our rental car and to check in and get through security.  When we got to the gate I was able to reconnect with a family from my church that I had not seen in awhile that was out in DC visiting. The ticket agent announced a few minutes before we were supposed to board that we were going to be delayed and would leave at 7:30am instead of 6am because of a lack of a crew.  Sadly they had offered people money to go on a later flight since it was over sold and we should of chosen that route.  We tried to get on other flights but no luck. So we went on this flight and hoped to get to Houston on time for our connecting flight to Utah. 

 We got to Houston with 8 minutes to spare before our flight left for Utah.  We ran from our plane to the other gate which was changed 2x before we landed. It was rather entertaining running through an airport that you had no idea where your going.  Jason and I got to the gate just as the plane was pulling away from the gate.  After talking to an agent we found out we were put on the plane for the next day at 2pm.  After expressing our frustration she gave us two first class seats on the last flight on July 4th at 6:45pm.  We spent our fourth of July in the Houston airport for 8 hours.  In the terminal they had Salt Lick which is great bbq.  It was nice to have real bbq again.  I forgot how good Texas BBQ is.  Sadly, the Houston airport is not close to anything so we hung out and watched the world cup and waited 8 hours to board our plane.  We got to Utah at 9pm and because we had been up all day we went to bed early. Monday my cousin Sara, Larry, Spencer, and Morgan came into town.

Monday morning on July 7th we went to go pick up my Aunt and Uncle at the airport. They were coming in from Minnesota, unfortunately my Uncle could not come because he was sick. Later that night we had a bbq at a park and got to know both sides of the family. It was a good time by all. Jason and I made a trip down to Provo to visit with our old boss at BYU and with some of our family members.  Also, stopped by the BYU store and picked up some chocolate covered cinnamon bears. Tuesday night my cousin Nick and his family came into town.

Wednesday July 9th my little sister got married to her best friend Colin.  I am very happy for them.  Gabby and I went to get our hair done and we made it back just in time for her to go to the temple. They got married in the Draper temple at noon and we took pictures after. For lunch Jason and I went to Del Taco and everyone else was on their own. Gabby made a beautiful bride and they make a great couple.  Later that evening we had a reception in American Fork.  There was an ice cream bar and cake, it was a great night.  It was a good time. Gabby and Rafa danced to a father and daughter dance. It was a beautiful moment that made us all cry.  Jason and I took the presents home and stopped at In N out on our way home for dinner.  

Thursday my cousin Nick, Haja, and Terrence headed back home to Minnesota. It was so good to see them. Thursday for lunch we went to Tucanos Brazilian Restaurant for lunch.  It is a restaurant that has a salad bar and brings many choices of meats to you. My favorite is the grilled pineapple and the sirloin.  Jason and I were in heaven.  We went with my mom, my sister and her husband Colin, my aunt, and my cousin Sara and her family. It was a good time. Gabby and Colin showed us their apartment and we parted ways. 

Friday we went to pick up my aunt and went to lunch at Cracker Barrel.  She was flying home that day. It was really nice to see family. My mom is in the middle of selling her home so we helped clean and went house hunting.  As some of you know my mom hit her head in February and is recovering from a concussion. Her memory is slowly coming back and she is gaining moe strength each day.  It was hard to see her struggle but so glad the Lord is looking out for her. 

Gabby and Colin with the Batterman and Bracewell side of the family

Saturday evening Rafa and my mom dropped us off at the airport.  Jason and I were flying on a red eye flight and arriving in NYC at 5 am.  We fell asleep for a little bit on the flight and woke up to orange juice and water.  It was neat to be on a red eye.  We ate in NYC and had eggs and omelets for breakfast. The NYC airport is crazy but has lots of food to offer. We went from NYC to Dulles, we arrived at 9 am.  A neighbor and sister in our church came to pick us up and brought us home. We fell asleep and woke up later that afternoon. It was a tiring flight but it was good to see everyone and be there to celebrate my little sisters wedding.  Now back to life. 

The bride and groom

Gabby and Rafa

Jason, me, Rafa, Colin, Gabby, Mom

Cristina and George Bush at the Houston Airport

Jason and me with Morgan


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