Sunday, July 20, 2014

Fairholm Family Reunion

The Fairholm reunion started on June 22nd at a home in Ashburn where we all got together to eat dinner and talk. We watched the USA vs. Portugal game as a family.  It was so fun, it was so fun to hear 30 people cheer when we scored. It was a lot of fun to see everyone again.  We had a delicious turkey or ham, funeral potato, salad and roll dinner with ice cream for dessert.  The next day we went down to the Lincoln, Korean, WWII and Vietnam monuments. It was a nice day, a bit hot but we enjoyed our time there.Monday evening we went to Clyde's for an dinner just for the adults.  It was a very nice restaurant and very tasty.Before dinner Grandpa was not feeling well after all the walking in the sun we had done that morning.  He asked for a blessing from his sons and grandson.  It was so sweet to be a part of that.

 Tuesday the 23rd we went to spend the day in Baltimore.  We came up at like 1pm and went to take a shuttle to Fort McHenry.  It was neat to learn the history there and to learn more about this great nation.  We got to walk around in the fort and they had a great presentation of the Star spangled banner song.  After that we went to dinner with Grandpa and Grandma and ate at Uno's.  Such good pizza.  Jason and I walked to the Baltimore Orioles game and met everyone else there.  It was a fun game, even though they lost.  We are Washington Nationals fans but they were out of town. It was fun to have everyone together. 

Wednesday was a slow morning since people were so tired from the game the night before.  Jason, me, Chad and Ann went to the American history museum. On our way to the museum there were taxi's honking their horns and going very slow.  We found out later that they were protesting.  It was interesting.  That evening we went back to Ashburn for dinner.  We had tacos and smores and these crescent rolls that you make into bowls with filling inside. They were so delicious.  It down poured that evening, it was pretty but made the night humid. 

Thursday everyone but me went rafting up at Harper's Ferry.  Grandpa and Grandma Fairholm went home that morning because they weren't feeling well.  Everyone had a good time rafting, some fell out of the raft. The stores they told were funny.  I went couponing and got a few things for a free and joined them later that evening for dinner.  Pizza and birthday cake was so good.  Jill celebrated her birthday with the family. We called it a night because everyone was exhausted from rafting.

Friday most of us went to the air and space museum in Dulles.  It was neat to see all the shuttles and fighter jets.  They had the space shuttle Discovery that came on a boeing 747, it was neat to see.  After that we all departed and went our separate ways. It was a fun week of seeing family that live so far away.

Us at the Baltimore Orioles game.

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