Sunday, May 4, 2014

Catching up

It has been awhile since I have blogged.  We have been busy attending sporting events and just spending time together. We got to go to a Washington Capitals game with Jason's Dad and his wife Laura.  It was a fun night.  At the end of March I was able to attend the General Women's meeting.  It was inspiring to be able to feel the power of Womenhood and how spirit it brings. It was great to feel the Savior's love and that as women we are special in his eyes.  

At the beginning of April we were able to watch General Conference, which is a meeting for our church were we are able to learn and hear from a prophet of God.  It was neat to feel of his spirit and learn the words we need to hear for our day.  I love Conference weekend.  Later in the month we were able to go down to Jason's parents house to visit and see his brother again when he came home from school.  Jason had a birthday on April 3rd and I had fun decorating our apartment with balloons and I made cupcakes.  It was fun.

Easter came and it was neat to remember all the Savior does for me each day.  It was thought provoking to think that our elder brother and Savior Jesus Christ died for me because he loved me.  He suffered everything I experience so that we are not alone in our trials and daily adventures.  It is comforting to me that he never wants us to be alone.  He truly is there for all of us because we are brothers and sisters.  

On April 26th we were able to have the sister missionaries over for dinner and it was one of the Sisters birthday.  Sister Duncan and Sister Schooley are awesome. They really brought in a breath of fresh air and helped us feel a desire to want to do missionary work more.  We made pulled pork sandwiches, fries, a salad and beans with chocolate cake.  It was a fun dinner, Sister Duncan was a great sport and we have become great friends with them.  

I love the gospel and am so grateful for all the tender mercies that have come into my life this past month. It is very touching for all the great things that enter my life and Jason's. 

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  1. And I loved every minute getting to spend my birthday with you guys! Thank you for your willingness to help with the work and for your example to us...and for the chocolate cake...that hit the spot :)