Sunday, August 7, 2016

ENT Doctor and Surgery

I kept getting sinus infections, one right after the other and it was no fun. I kept getting put on antibiotics week after week and was having side effects from them.  I finally made an appointment with an ENT doctor in March. He was very friendly and made me feel comfortable. He had me go get a CT scan see if I was a good candidate for a balloon in office procedure. He stated I had what you call acute sinusitis.

I was so nervous for the CT scan and it only took five or so minutes and it was nothing to be worried about. Sometimes I work things up in my head.  Sadly, I was not a great candidate for the balloon surgery so I had to go under anesthesia and have another surgery.  I was little nervous since it was sinus surgery but I knew it would help out. On June 15, 2016 I had surgery. I was a little nervous but knew the doctor was a good one. This time my surgery was at Fair Oaks Hospital. The nurses were all kind and took good care of me. The first few days of healing sucked because I couldn't breathe well because of all packing and things.  You weren't able to blow your nose but could use sprays and nose rinses. It was fun times.

The first follow up appointment was interesting because he used a mini vacuum to suck out all the dried out things in my nose. It tickled but I could finally breathe after that. It was amazing the difference of night and day. Luckily no sinus infections so far and I am doing better.  After surgery I wanted Chick Fila for lunch because I was starving. That was a bad idea, I needed to work up to that. The meds they had me on made me sick so we had to get anti nausea meds as well.  After day 2 I was able to hold food down and recover.

My hand wrapped up after being tested for allergies, the needle would not go into my vein in my arm for some reason so they pricked my vein in my hand. so painful
Puzzles I did while recovering.

Me in the car after surgery in the Chick Fila line, I think i scared people.

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