Sunday, August 7, 2016

Snowmagedon 2016

I love snow but not sure if I love 30 inches of snow.  We were prepping for the chance of a lot of snow (getting extra food, water, milk, etc).  Being from Utah and getting snow I didn't worry to much but it was crazy.  The snow began and we hunkered down at home. Many people were told to stay home from work and tele work.  My daycare closed down because there was so much snow and our parking lot at work was not plowed yet.  We spent the day digging our cars out of all the snow.  It was so much snow the mounds we all made just kept getting higher and higher. 

Because the snow storm happened it was the week of when the Utah Jazz were set to play the Washington Wizards in D.C.  So they had to postpone the game due to all the snow and not many being able to attend.  The game was rescheduled for a few weeks later and we went. I wore my Utah jazz jersey, sadly the Jazz lost but it was alot of fun.  

Part of the cars uncovered

The view right out the front door

The storm was tracked by the bread o meter

Half the car uncovered,so much snow

This is how much snow was all over our cars

Wizards vs Jazz game

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