Friday, January 22, 2016

November and December 2015

We had a good Thanksgiving this year with Grandma Barber and a few uncles and aunts and Jason's dad and Laura.  We went black Friday shopping and had a good visit. We went hom
In and Out Burger's

The light show at Kearns, or the line to get in

Gabby, Colin, Mom and Rafa in the van

temple square

Salt Lake LDS Temple

Mountains from BYU

Me and Jason watching the BYU Football game

Marriott Center Jumbotron

e and worked for a few weeks and on December 18th we traveled to Utah for Christmas vacation. Jason and I landed in Denver and found out our plane was delayed by a little bit which worked out well.  We had time to eat lunch calmly but the airplane arrival boards were mixed up and they had our plane at another gate. Luckily we got it corrected.  We rented a car and to find out they gave us a car that actually turned out to be a small van. It was interesting.  

We got to Utah and went to In and Out burger with my mom and sister and my brother in law Colin. It was so good to see family again and eat a good burger.  Jason and I drove down to Provo Utah to go to a BYU basketball game. It was nice to be back in the Marriott center and see it again. The improvements were nice.  We got engaged there so it was nice to be back. Sadly mom was not feeling well and the four of us kids went to the Forgotten Carols which is a great musical at Christmas. It was nice to feel the Christmas spirit and be reminded of the Savior.  Sunday we went to church and had dinner with my sister at her house and visited Jason's aunt and uncle.  Monday we got our hair cut from our great stylist Krystal. The four of us kids went to the Utah Jazz game on Monday were we beat the Suns.  It was a fun game but cold. 

As a family we all crammed into our little van and got Chinese food and went to see the light show at Kearns Olympic Oval.  It was fun and neat to watch.  It was fun to have us all in the same car. Poor Gabby and Colin were stuffed in the back.  Christmas Eve we had a nice meal with our family friend Rafa and read the scripture story.  Christmas Day we woke up to 4 inches of snow and made the crazy drive to Payson where my sister lives. The roads were not cleaned off well so some people were struggling.  We brought our peach french toast casserole for Christmas morning and had ham, funeral potatoes, jello, rolls and aspargus for dinner. It was great. We had a fire going and enjoyed time together and enjoyed our presents to one another. We also went to see the new Star Wars movie which we all loved. The day after Christmas we went to Tucanos with the family and enjoyed all the great food.  We also visited with another uncle, saw Temple square, visited with my best friend Katie. We had a great time in Utah.  We had an early flight home but had no issues and got home safely.

It is always nice to be with family and friends. I enjoy going back to Utah and I must say I enjoyed seeing the  mountains again.

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