Saturday, March 9, 2013

Presiden'ts Day Weekend

We left for Chester to visit Jason's side of the family for the weekend.  Chad, Jason's younger brother was getting his Eagle Scout award Saturday night.  We went to help cut up fruit, make chocolate, frost brownies and cupcakes and help set up.  It was a good ceremony.  I have never been to an Eagle Scout of Honor award ceremony.  There was a slide show presentation that told us how he got to be an Eagle Scout.  Jason had gotten some letters from the mayor and some certificates to give Chad at the ceremony. There was this neat candle lighting ceremony that explained what an Eagle Scout was.  It was sweet. 

After we had a small reception where people could talk and mingle and eat. We had a chocolate fountain and very awesome desserts to eat.  Of course it began to snow as we were waiting for the ceremony to start so it was very pretty.  People were worried about the roads so we went to church late and only had Sacrament meeting and had a linger longer.  It was pretty much the best Sunday of church ever--all joking aside. After church we went to spend some time with Jason's dad and his wife Laura. It was her birthday and we had cake and ice cream with them before we drove home.

 Unfortunatley, I had to be at a mandatory meeting on President's Day.  It was from 8-5pm.  It was pretty boring, but at least I got paid for it. We spent a whole hour cleaning our classroom. Our room is very small a and I had cleaned it the Friday before.  It was an interesting work training.  We had a group called power brain that tried to get us moving and tried to get us to think like our kids. It was pretty fun and helped us all destress by doing these silly activities and movements.  It was a good weekend. 

We are both very proud of Chad for getting his Eagle Scout award and for his decisions to choose the right.

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