Friday, March 22, 2013

Washington Capitals Hockey Game

Banners from the rafters

View from our seats

The ice

Slap Shot the mascot

Rock the Red, their chant

Before the team came out

Caps in action

Our view
Since we moved to Virginia we live relatively close to Washington D.C.  We can take the metro into D.C. for pretty cheap and so we have had fun exploring the town.  Since we do not have the Nashville Predators Hockey team as close anymore we decided to go watch the Washington Capitals.  We found some good tickets for a cheap price and we went after I got off work.  It was a fun game.  Sadly we lost but it was nice to be back at a hockey game again.  GO CAPS GO, is the cheer they cheer.  It's not quite as crazy and loud as the Preds games but that is okay.  We now have two teams to cheer for.  Here are some pictures from the game.

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