Saturday, March 9, 2013

Stake Women's Basketball Game

 So, today I conquered on of my fears and went back to playing basketball.  If any of you know me you all know that I am a huge sports fan.  I love basketball and always have.  I used to play when I was in Young Women's and always tried to play it while on my P-days on my mission.  I quit playing once I hurt my knee in high school and was always careful.

Well, after I hurt my back I was very cautious of doing anything but my new ward has a basketball team.  Well, kinda.  We had three sisters show up today to the game. We borrowed some other girls and had a blast.  It meant we had to play all game which was a challenge.  It was so fun to be back playing basketball.  I scored a total of 8 points and even made the first basket.  I was so scared to play again but it was so fun.  I have been sick with not sure what but it has made breathing normal kinda hard.  So, after half time I was ready to die but I went back in and tried my best.  Unfortunately we lost today 31-29 but that is alright. We had fun and I made some new friends in our ward. It felt good to get some good exercise in again.  

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